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Program Staff


My goal is to make sure every ACT team member has the most valuable learning experience possible during their term-of-service. The way I see it, service can be a stepping stone to personal and professional growth that's hard to find in a classroom. Drawing from my background in community health research, program evaluation and public health I coordinate opportunities for professional development, help members apply service to their individual paths, and ensure our members have the foundational skills and knowledge they need to deliver high quality, empathetic and collaborative service to our community.

Chelsea Schmidt

Member Experience Coordinator

Lauren Meloche

Program Director


As a dedicated Master of Public Health student and a proud alum of ACT, my passion lies in raising awareness and empowering communities to recognize the transformative power of prevention and harm reduction. Through my experience with AmeriCorps, I have gained valuable knowledge and now have the privilege of supporting service members, just as I was once supported during my own journey.

Ja'Lea Echols

Training Operations Coordinator


AmeriCorps holds a special part in my heart. It's where I began my professional career as well as grew to love serving my community. I joined the ACT team to help move AmeriCorps' mission and purpose forward by providing AmeriCorps members with the same diligence and attentive administrative support that I received during my service years.

Tynique Shaw

Program Coordinator

AmeriCorps Members

Dania Jadallah1.JPG

I joined the ACT program to learn more about the opioid overdose crisis and help spread awareness (and Narcan) in my community!

Dania Jadallah

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Cecilia 1.jpg

I joined AmeriCorps because of personal experience with the opioid overdose crisis. I wanted to be better equipped with the knowledge to prevent or assist other loved ones/people in my community experiencing an overdose. 

Cecilia Harris

Overdose Rescue Trainer


I joined AmeriCorps to help others and do my part as a citizen of this community by obtaining as much knowledge as I can to reach others and get them trained as well.

Maddi Ashwood

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I joined AmeriCorps to gain more of an understanding of the opioid crisis in addition to the hospital experience I already have. I hope that through service, I can help make opioid use less taboo. 

Asia Flint

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I joined the ACT program to educate myself about the opioid overdose crisis
and to help understand those who are experiencing a substance use

Shaima Kaid

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I joined AmeriCorps to give back to my community! I want to help make change wherever I can, and I think this is an important way I can do that. 

Bri Daniels

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Overall I want to help as many people as I can by delivering overdose rescue training. I also want to learn more about those impacted by substance use disorders and what more can be done by our communities to support recovery. 

Camellia Mashal
Camellia 1.JPG

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Through ACT, I wish to gain better public speaking skills and improve my teamwork and time management skills. I want to be able to teach others while also learning the importance of being prepared and reducing stigma around substance use.

Hafeey Iqbal

Overdose Rescue Trainer

 I hope to have an impact on communities that have had difficulty obtaining Narcan and information on reversing an opioid overdose. It’s important to me that more individuals know about the opioid crisis and how they can help.

Huda Al-Hilfy

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I joined AmeriCorps, specifically the ACT program, to reach out to the people in my community. Living in a society that focuses on individualism and personal success, pushes us as people farther and farther away from what we need: support. Being able to inform our communities about issues that need attention is a way to bring us together and help people at the same time. 

Jenna Alsaigh

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Member bio coming soon!

Keith Holton

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I hope to do my part to help address the opioid overdose crisis and improve my ability to provide excellent care as someone entering the healthcare field.

Hodgson, Julia.jpeg
Julia Hodgson

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Member bio coming soon!

AmeriCorps Navy 2.png
Stephanie Dudek

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I joined the ACT program to make a difference in my community. I want the public to be aware that overdose deaths are preventable. 

Tijuana Smith

Overdose Rescue Trainer

I hope to aid in the de-stigmatization of substance use and to make the public aware of the opioid overdose crisis and how to prevent more deaths.

Savannah Lane
Screenshot (250).png

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Program Alumni

will professional.png

I joined AmeriCorps because I wanted to make a difference and help save lives by increasing the number of trained community members equipped with Narcan. I also wanted to learn more about the Opioid epidemic and serve the community in a meaningful way. 

William Nolan

Overdose Rescue Trainer


I believe for me the best part about serving as an Americorp member has been the people I’ve met during my service so far. My Americorps term has allowed me to interact with community members and give back in a way that I didn’t think was possible! 

Husna Khan

Overdose Rescue Trainer


My favorite part of being an AmeriCorps member is Having the opportunity to serve in a city that I love and meeting new people!

Madeline Renaud

Overdose Rescue Trainer

shaili professional.png

I joined AmeriCorps because I had heard a lot about the opioid epidemic and I wanted to learn more about it through first hand experiences and be a part of the solution. Also, being a Michigander my entire life, I wanted to give back to the communities that have harbored many of my lovely childhood memories.

Shaili Kothari

Overdose Rescue Trainer

eugene professional.jpg

The reason that I joined is because I have a heart to see people saved from drug overdose and free of drug addiction.

Eugene Cole

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Quentin Venney

Overdose Rescue Trainer


The ACT Program has allowed me to explore my interests and work with others to raise awareness about opioid use disorder, Narcan, and harm reduction strategies.

Ayah Alghurabi

Overdose Rescue Trainer


The reason I decided to join AmeriCorps is because I wanted to make a difference.

Kamrin Dean

Overdose Rescue Trainer


I joined AmeriCorps because I wanted an experience where I was not only learning, but helping my community in the process.

Gagan Kaur

Overdose Rescue Trainer

gabrielle professional.jpg

My favorite part of being an Americorps member is connecting with people and community groups all over metro Detroit. There’s so much support for the ACT program from the surrounding communities, and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

Gabrielle Schmidt

Overdose Rescue Trainer


The reason I decided to join AmeriCorps is because I wanted to make a difference.

Paula Perry

Overdose Rescue Trainer


The ACT Program has allowed me to explore my interests and work with others to raise awareness about opioid use disorder, Narcan, and harm reduction strategies.

Tristin Smith

Overdose Rescue Trainer


My favorite part of the ACT Program is the encouragement that the staff has given me in exploring my own interests in relation to understanding the opioid epidemic. It has been very interesting to learn more about how the opioid epidemic is very interconnected to societal, cultural and medical issues within the USA.

Maheshram Madasamy

Overdose Rescue Trainer


By joining AmeriCorps I wanted to make an impact on my community by helping in a way that will have ever lasting results. I wanted to provide education to community members that would help to save a person’s life. 

Meet Patel

Overdose Rescue Trainer


AmeriCorps has allowed me to fulfill my desire to help others and make a difference in my community,which is a part of the reason I joined. I get to do this with a wonderful group of people which just so happens to be my favorite part. 

Savanna Roberts

Overdose Rescue Trainer

Image from iOS.jpg

I decided to join Americorps because I wanted to feel more connected with the community and participate in something that I knew would not only educate and empower not others but myself included. I hope to continue to do just that through ACT and raise awareness about opioid use disorder and harm reduction strategies. 

Pallavi Kurakula

Overdose Rescue Trainer


I chose to serve with AmeriCorp to help with my community. This opioid epidemic has taken the lives of so many I want to help put some life back into the community.

Briana Hayden

Overdose Rescue Trainer